The internal shift that unlocks your truest potential

Discover What Has Been Holding You Back From Your True Potential

Every nutrition and exercise plan does the exact same thing. They give you a tactic to make you eat less and move more...but the outcome is always the same.
You lose a little, then you gain it all back. 

Unlock your transformation by remodeling your thought patterns


Transformations Are Permanent Here

The common approach to health and fitness is to exercise more, eat less and make big changes to your lifestyle.

While some tactics are needed, they are simply tactics and do not lead to permanent change.

To elicit change that lasts you need to have a shift from within. A shift that eliminates the triggers, cues, inclinations, incantations, and limiting beliefs that have held you back.

Once that shift happens, the external transformation happens automatically. 

Jeff & Jenny Later, Founders

Permanent change is impossible without a shift from within

Have You Lost Weight & Then Regained?

Lose then regain, lose then regain...This is the pattern we all get stuck in because of how the fitness world is designed. It is not your fault.

Do You Think You're Not Meant To Be Fit?

The beliefs you have about yourself are only true if you let them. You can overcome almost everything with the right shift.

Is It Harder For You To Make Physical Changes?

We all have our own path, but the one we typically follow leads us down the wrong road. Once an internal shift occurs, external changes are easy.

Train Your Brain To Unlock Your Physique

External transformations are inevitable

Join The Thousands That Have Made The Shift

Your journey shouldn't be miserable and full of deprivation. Through the Tru Shift method you can overcome the limits placed upon yourself and start to enjoy the process.

Frustration will be eliminated and empowerment will take over.
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